If you’re facing a police interview or a court hearing, talk now via live chat with one of our criminal solicitors for free legal advice

Live chat is available in real-time between 9 am and 8 pm seven days a week. We are online 365 days a year. It may take our lawyers a few minutes to answer outside business hours, but we will always answer. There are a few basic automated questions at the beginning of the online chat to direct your enquiry to the right lawyer. This chat is free, confidential, and securely encrypted.


72% of our clients win their cases

Our criminal solicitors fight to win our clients’ cases and the proof is our results. Where a client doesn’t admit the allegation we win at trial or get the case dropped beforehand in 72% of cases.*

We listen carefully

We listen to you and treat your situation as if we were in your shoes. We don’t hire staff unless they have this mindset. Every case is supervised by one of the firm’s directors.

We investigate thoroughly

We do our own thorough investigation and find the best way to present your case to the police, to the prosecutor, or finally to the jury. This means phone, letters, and aggressive advocacy on your behalf at every stage.

Our criminal solicitors never give up

We never give up, and we fight until we get the result. That can mean early mornings, late nights, and commitment to go the extra mile.

It is a mistake to assume that all criminal lawyers provide a similar service. Having a top law firm with a really good win rate on your side can make the difference between winning and losing. Don’t take the risk.

* 71% of clients’ cases resulted case being discontinued at investigation or court stage, or not guilty verdict after trial. Data from all criminal clients between  02.2017 and 08.2019 - excludes cases where the client admitted the offence and chose to plead guilty.

We have acted in some of the most important trials of the last forty years including:


Why use online live chat?

Time saved

Chatbot Mary asks you a few questions to get your enquiry allocated to the right person in the quickest possible time.

Real answers via chat

A lawyer or member of our admin team picks up the online chat to see if we can help. If we can’t assist we will try to point you in the right direction.

Taking your enquiry further

If we think we can help you in your case, we offer you some options for speaking with a lawyer on the phone or face to face, with the option of a secure video call.

Good things about Mary Monson Solicitors live chat:
  • It’s totally free with no obligation to sign up

  • The chat is secure and confidential

  • Lawyers available 9am – 8pm, 365 days a year

  • No waiting on hold on the phone

  • If we can’t help we will try to point you in the right direction

  • Call at weekend or evenings if daytime is inconvenient

How long will my free case review last?

We Assess Your Case

Enables you to quickly see if our firm can help in your case.

You Get to Know Us

Allows us to give some basic information about our service so you can decide if you want to take the enquiry further.

Next Steps

If we can help we’ll give you options of a free meeting on a video call or in person. If we can’t, we’ll try to point you in the right direction in your case.


Our criminal solicitors accept clients throughout England and Wales in our offices around the country

If it’s a case we can take on, we’ll defend you at any police station or court in England or Wales. We have offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Salford, and we’re happy to have a consultation with you on the phone or in person.


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