No Further Action for Young Women Accused of S.18 GBH

No further action - police dropped investigation
25 July, 2022

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Case study summary

Our clients were two young women who were now in a relationship. One of their ex-boyfriends was angered by this and physically attacked them. Our specialist assault solicitors attended the police station and persuaded the police to take No Further Action against both clients.

Case study

Our clients were two young women who recently formed a relationship with each other. One of their ex-boyfriends did not accept this and was repeatedly harassing and threatening our client. On the day of our clients' arrests, he broke into their house and attacked both of them. Our clients acted in self-defence but unfortunately this resulted in a collapsed lung and broken ribs and so they were arrested for Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent, contrary to Section 18 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

Our clients called our specialist assault solicitors and we attended the police station to represent them. We took a detailed account from both women about what happened and why the complainant was now in hospital. It soon became clear that our clients were also victims and had suffered their own injuries which we took photographs of before the interview.

There were other people arrested as part of the investigation, namely family members who all supported our clients. The whole situation was unfortunate but this did not mean that our clients were guilty of assault. We were dealing with two young women who had been subject to bullying and assaults from the complainant, all because he did not approve of their relationship.

A sensitive approach had to be taken and our clients were particularly grateful for this. As a result of us chasing the police for updates on the complainant, his previous convictions and after explaining the circumstances of the incident, the police decided to take No Further Action against both of our clients.

Our clients can return to their life and hopefully try to put this ordeal behind them.

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