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Surgeon accused of assault- case discontinued at court

Case discontinued by the prosecution
7 September, 2016
Healthcare Professionals

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Case study summary

Our client was a young heart surgeon accused of assault when in fact he had been the victim of an aggressive drunk outside a bar. The prosecution refused to drop the case. We investigated the case fully and presented his defence aggressively in court. The verdict was Not Guilty.

Case study

Our client was a cardio-thoracic surgeon accused of an assault involving an alleged assault and head butt outside a bar in London, resulting in a hospital admission for the complainant.

The ‘head butt' was in fact a clash of heads and any contact was in any case in self defence. He accepted the duty solicitor at the police station, and answered all police questions in open interview.

He was charged and then came to us. We prepared the case for trial, also instructing a QC or Queen's Counsel to defend him in court. After a 6 month war of attrition over disclosure, and an abuse of process argument, we successfully resisted the prosecution attempt to adjourn the trial and the case was finally discontinued, with an order for defence costs against the CPS.

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