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A fraud allegation can rock a person to the core. An accusation has the power to turn someone’s life upside down. We reject any idea that a money or document trail must mean you are guilty, or the idea you are guilty until proven innocent. Having our expert representation at the earliest stage can stop the investigator or prosecutor in their tracks.


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We have acted in some of the most important trials of the last forty years including:

  1. The Unaoil Bribery Case concerning the rebuilding of Iraq’s oil infrastructure. This is reported as the largest bribery conspiracy in history. 2017-2019.
  2. The final trial in The Royal Household Bribery Case – the only not guilty verdict.
  3. The defence of the owner of the world’s most expensive private residence, wrongfully accused in an international money laundering conspiracy.
  4. A multi-million million property lending fraud within RBS. Our client avoided jail despite admitting the offence.
  5. Representing a Vice President of Sony and one of the chief architects of Sony’s Playstation Network platform, accused of defrauding the company of £2m.
  6. The defence of a Brit-gangster movie director and former Conservative party candidate in a multi-million pound conspiracy to defraud UK banks.


Financial cases are specialist. Sentencing can be heavy. Don't underestimate the situation. Get expert help early.


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  1. Our reviews show why so many people choose us to defend them.
  2. We fight your case proactively – we don’t just wait to react.
  3. Experience in fraud cases going back forty years
  4. We recognise that clients accused of fraud have often never faced anything like this. We support you through the process.
  5. We perform a root and branch financial analysis of the case, using top fraud QCs and accountants.
  6. We believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way round.

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