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Our lawyers can help even if the case looks strong – the earlier we know, the more we can do to help.

If you call our expert criminal lawyers for a free case review we will show you the way forward to getting the best result. We win many cases, and most of our clients even avoid having to go to trial. We offer private representation for affordable fixed fees, and in serious or complex cases we can work on legal aid.


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Consequences of losing your licence

  1. Many people end up losing their job, or if self employed cannot serve potential customers or clients.
  2. There is a great effect on anyone who has a family, and children especially suffer if they rely on their parents for transport to school and other activities.
  3. There can be other effects on older relatives who need support with mobility.
  4. There is also often an increased insurance premium which lasts for years after the conviction.
  5. For people who simply love driving, being deprived of that freedom is very frustrating.


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We handle all motoring cases including:

It is a mistake to think that court is always a fair environment. Not being well represented can have severe consequences.


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  1. Our reviews show that we care and fight for our clients.
  2. In depth knowledge of every aspect of motoring law
  3. Thousands of successes in motoring cases
  4. Founder members of the Society of Motoring Law

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We accept clients throughout England and Wales in our offices around the country

If it’s a case we can take on, we’ll defend you at any police station or court in England or Wales. We have offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Salford, and we’re happy to have a consultation with you on the phone or in person.


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