No Further Action for Young Man Accused of Drugs Supply

No further action - police dropped investigation
25 July, 2022
Possession of Drugs - Supply

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Case study summary

Our client was a young man accused, with others, of being concerned in the supply of cannabis. Despite police having our client's fingerprints on the bag of drugs, our specialist drug supply solicitors secured a No Further Action outcome.

Case study

Our client was a young man arrested for possession with intent to supply cannabis, a Class B drug. The police had stopped a vehicle in Manchester and discovered a carrier bag in the boot which contained a large bag of cannabis in it. The bags were sent for DNA analysis and our client's fingerprints were found on both. He also had a previous conviction for possessing cannabis from the year before.

Our client was represented by Mary Monson Solicitors on a previous occasion so knew to ask for us when he was at the police station. Our specialist drug supply solicitors attended the police station and carefully considered the evidence. An analysis of the situation, as well as discussing the matter with police officers, led our client to exercise his right to silence, despite the evidence against him. Putting the police to proof in this way is a decision not to be taken lightly.

After weeks of pestering the police and requesting further information on the other people involved, as well as the extent of the fingerprint evidence, the police decided to take No Further Action against our client. As a result, he can return to his life without the stress of a drug investigation hanging over him, for which he is very grateful.

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