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Our Criminal Lawyers in the Media

Criminal lawyers from Mary Monson Solicitors regularly appear on national TV (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5) and radio channels (BBCR4, BBC5Live, LBC) to explain current legal stories and events.

Cases we are defending often feature in the national broadcast media and print media. The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook election/data case was covered throughout the world, and was even the basis of a Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, and a feature film, Brexit: The Uncivil War.

We’re even sometimes asked to advise journalists behind the scenes in order to help them to accurately present the legal position in stories that they are working on.

Split picture of LBC Radio host Andrew Castle and Joseph Kotrie-Monson talking to microphones

Selected clips


2:00General Law

Should the police have guns? Issued breaked down.

0:19General Law

The difference between a legit police sting and entrapment.

3:49General Crime

Disclosure in criminal cases and the need for reform

1:28General Crime

The Randox Laboratories Evidence Tampering Scandal.

5:49General Law

The credibility of the UK justice system discussed

0:29General Crime

The seriousness of failing to attend jury duty in a trial.

0:21General Law

The implications of Randox evidence tampering investigation.

2:32General Crime

CPS decided to prosecute ‘TrueMobster’ pranksters

1:32General Law

Emergency legislation giving police new bail powers.

1:51General Crime

What reasonable steps you can take in defending your home

6:35General Crime

Why legal aid should be given to the unpopular offenders?

4:04General Motoring

Preventing the Course of Justice in driving cases explained

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