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Facing a historic sexual allegation which is said to have happened many years in the past can cause huge distress. You may not even remember the person who is making the accusation, or recall that time clearly, and this can make the whole thing seem more difficult. But you do not need to feel helpless, even if the police or prosecutors seem to have made their minds up. Our job is to make sure that you are believed. Our specialists know what is required to achieve that.


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See results we have achieved for people accused of historic sexual offences with links to verified reviews:

  1. Our client was accused of historic sexual assault and rape by his younger sister and another sibling. After pressure on the police and prosecution and pointing out both inconsistencies and a possible ulterior motive, the case was dropped at the police investigation stage.
  2. Our client was a district nurse who was accused of sexually assaulting three elderly patients in their own homes. The prosecution argued that in touching his patients in private areas he had a sexual motive. We showed this to be nonsense and case was dropped before the trial started.
  3. Our client had been accused of the rape of a man who had been staying with him. It became clear to us that the man in question had mental health issues. We advised our client not to engage with the questioning in interview, and the case was dropped after negotiation by us directly with the CPS.


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  1. Our reviews show that we care and fight for our clients.
  2. We do our own historic investigations to show the inconsistencies in the allegation.
  3. You get access to the best solicitors and barristers who specialise in historic allegations with a track record of wins.
  4. We are never afraid of pointing out to the court that a witness is lying.
  5. We are understanding and non-judgmental.

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