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Our specialists understand that data on a hard drive is not the same as being guilty of an offence

When police knock at the door or call on the phone for the first time, it can change your life in an instant. The stigma of the allegation, and the worry about what may happen can be incredibly stressful. But there is a big difference between police suspicion and actual evidence that will stack up in court. By having the right advice early, you can often avoid conviction.


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See results we have achieved for people accused of indecent images offences with links to verified reviews:

  1. Our client was accused of making 180 indecent images of categories A, B and C. There were also incriminating chat logs of thousands of pages. Our expert report showed doubt as to use of the computer by our client. The verdict after trial was not guilty.
  2. Our client was a consultant working in the energy sector, and had been accused of making indecent images and inciting sexual activity (which was dropped before reaching court). The evidence included screenshots. He pleaded guilty, and received a non-custodial sentence.
  3. Our client was accused of downloading and viewing indecent images. On the advice of his previous lawyers he had already pleaded guilty. He was not guilty of the offences, and we applied to have his guilty pleas cancelled or ‘vacated’, a result which is incredibly rare.
  4. Our client was an abuse survivor who had still managed to build a career in education. However, he eventually developed a compulsive pornography habit which also included viewing some indecent images. We liaised with his counsellor to show the court the progress he was making, and he was given a community order with probation involvement.
  5. Our client worked in the industrial sector. He had developed a pornography addiction which eventually also involved indecent images. On meeting him, we referred him for a psychological report which showed previously undiagnosed depression. After extensive mitigation was presented, he received a community order.


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  3. We do not accept anything the prosecution say about the evidence unless you or our technical analysts agree.
  4. You get access to the best solicitors and barristers, and computer forensic experts who specialise in allegations of indecent images of children.

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