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Our reputation is for taking on drugs cases where the evidence appears strong and still getting the result for the client

Whether your case involves personal possession, supply, production or conspiracy, the primary focus for the legal team must be the evidence chain relating to drugs or in serious cases money. If your legal team can take away a single link, the court may not convict. Having a specialist lawyer at an early stage can make the difference between conviction and acquittal


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Drugs cases require a specialist approach

Drugs cases are different to general crime in one major way. They are all about being in possession or control of a substance, but not necessarily of actually doing something physical like assaulting a person or damaging something. This means that in a drugs case the prosecution has to show a chain of evidence linking the accused person to knowing involvement or contact with drugs or money.

A specialist lawyer will immediately spot which parts of the chain may be weak and attack them. By the time the prosecution realises, it is often too late and the client may be found not guilty. We have defended in some of the most significant drugs cases in modern history. This list includes:



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With a strong and persuasive lawyer, the chance of winning a case is much higher.


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  1. Our reviews show that we care and fight for our clients.
  2. We put pressure at the outset for the case to be dropped wherever possible if you have no or few previous convictions
  3. Access to the best barristers in the country so that you stand the best possible chance if the case reaches trial
  4. An examination of every aspect of the evidence in detail. We make the prosecution pay for not proving their case

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