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CPS Drop Class A Drug Supply Case before Trial

Case discontinued by the prosecution
25 May, 2022

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Case study summary

Our client was a victim of modern slavery having been forced to sell Class A drugs. The police weren’t interested and the CPS blindly pushed forward. We pressed hard for months and refused to bow to pressure. Eventually, we persuaded the CPS to drop the case before trial.

Case study

Our client was charged with Possession with Intent to Supply Class A Drugs under s.5 (3) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

He was a family man with a chequered past who had turned his life around in recent years. Tragically his father was very unwell and had turned to illegal substances to relieve his suffering. An unscrupulous dealer let him build up an insurmountable debt which he then ordered our client to repay by pushing his drugs. Almost inevitably this ended in an arrest and charge. The client's family found us and we immediately knew that this was a case of modern slavery. A referral was made and our client was interviewed by the NRM. They found a good reason to say that this was indeed a case of slavery but, unbelievably, the prosecution still pushed for a trial.

We steadfastly refused to bend to their pressure and instead persuaded the judge to order the CPS to give their written reasons for pressing ahead. We knew that this was the only way to get them to think about our client's case. It worked and instead of trying to argue their case they rightly decided to drop it and to let our client move on with his life.

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