Our drugs solicitors don't judge. We win cases where others may have given up.

It is surprisingly easy to get tangled up in a drugs case. They can cause worry about employment, publicity or even prison. Police or even lawyers aren't always sympathetic to the damage the case might cause.

The evidence chain can be extremely important. If your lawyer can take away a single link, the court may not convict. Having a specialist drugs lawyer can make the difference between conviction and acquittal.

Read on to find out why drugs cases can be difficult, and how our expert drugs lawyers fight them.

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Class A drug supply client - we obtain community order.

Our client was charged with possession with intent to supply illegal psychoactive substances. He faced up to 5 years in prison. Our client was a young student, and terrified. He came to us after being represented by another firm. We made sure his worst fears didn't come true.

Crown CourtNon-custodial sentence - no prisonDate posted: 06 May 2022
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Liam Kotrie
Liam Kotrie | Director
CPS Drop Class A Drug Supply Case before Trial

Our client was a victim of modern slavery having been forced to sell Class A drugs. The police weren’t interested and the CPS blindly pushed forward. We pressed hard for months and refused to bow to pressure. Eventually, we persuaded the CPS to drop the case before trial.

Crown CourtCase discontinued by the prosecutionDate posted: 26 May 2022
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Nick Ives
Nick Ives | Associate Director
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