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We are focused on your case being dismissed wherever possible before it reaches trial

With the right approach we can get the result you want. This can mean being aggressive, or sometimes even diplomatic on your behalf, but always being ready to cut through the prosecution case in court.


71% of our clients win their cases*

We fight to win our clients’ cases and the results are the proof. Where a client doesn’t admit the allegation we win at trial or get the case dropped before hand in 71% of cases.

We listen carefully

We listen to you and treat your situation as if we were in your shoes. We don’t hire staff unless they have this mindset. Every case is supervised by one of the firm’s directors.

We investigate thoroughly

We do our own thorough investigation and find the best way to present your case to the police, to the prosecutor, or finally to the jury. This means phone, letters, and aggressive advocacy on your behalf at every stage.

Our lawyers never give up

We never give up, and we fight until we get the result. That can mean early mornings, late nights, and commitment to go the extra mile.

It is a mistake to assume that all criminal lawyers provide a similar service. Having a top law firm with a really good win rate on your side can make the difference between winning and losing. Don’t take the risk.

* 71% of clients’ cases resulted case being discontinued at investigation or court stage, or not guilty verdict after trial. Data from all criminal clients between  02.2017 and 08.2019 - excludes cases where the client admitted the offence and chose to plead guilty.

See results we have achieved for people accused of sexual offences with links to verified reviews:

  • Our client was accused of historic sexual assault and rape by his younger sister and another sibling. After pressure on the police and prosecution and pointing out both inconsistencies and a possible ulterior motive, the case was dropped at the police investigation stage.

  • Our client was a district nurse who was accused of sexually assaulting three elderly patients in their own home. The prosecution argued that in touching his patients in private areas he had a sexual motive. We showed this to be nonsense and case was dropped before the trial started.

  • Our client was accused of three counts of sexual assault and making indecent images of children. Our investigations showed that the witnesses were professional thieves with a history of making sexual allegations against their victims. A not guilty verdict was ordered by the judge during the trial.

  • Our client was a teenage boy accused of the sexually assaulting another boy at school. He denied the allegation. After detailed written representations to the CPS, the case was dropped without reaching court.


What do I get and how does it work?

Free time with a lawyer

You get dedicated time with one of our specialist lawyers on the phone or in person, with no obligation, for free.

Non-judgmental listening

When we’re talking with you, we promise to be always non-judgmental and sensitive to what you’re going through.

Expert opinion

We start by asking you questions so we can understand what’s going on, and we listen carefully to what you tell us.

Then we will be able to give you a clear and straightforward explanation of:
  • What the law says What the possible or likely outcomes are

  • What steps you take to improve the situation

  • What we would charge to help, or if legal aid is a good option

How long will my free case review last?

Less serious cases

In some cases which are less serious or complex, it may be ten or twenty minutes on the phone.

Serious cases

In more serious or difficult situations we may need an hour or two in person to go through things with you properly.

Unable to help

If it’s obvious straight away that we wouldn’t be able to help, we’ll tell you straight away and point you in the right direction to find lawyers who can help.

Advantages of calling us today:

  • Our reviews show that we care and fight for our clients.

  • You get access to the best solicitors and barristers who specialise in sexual assault allegations, with a track record of wins.

  • We believe that your word should be accepted in the face of an accusation.

  • We are proactive in our investigations into the complainant so we can show why the allegation should not be believed.

  • We are never afraid of pointing out to the court that a witness is lying. We are understanding and non-judgmental.

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We accept clients throughout England and Wales in our offices around the country

If it’s a case we can take on, we’ll defend you at any police station or court in England or Wales. We have offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Salford, and we’re happy to have a consultation with you on the phone or in person.

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