You aren't ‘guilty by association’, and we will fight to prove it

Conspiracy solicitors will tell you that this is a type of case that can pull you in even if you weren't the person responsible. We believe this is unfair and shouldn't be allowed to happen. But if you're realistic about the threat and bring in the right help you can put yourself in a strong position to fight the case. Our specialist conspiracy solicitors have the experience and the tools to get the only thing that matters: a not guilty verdict and a return to normal life.

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Suspended Sentence in Lincoln Conspiracy for MMS client

Our client was one of six men charged with conspiracy to steal agricultural machinery in the Midlands. With a value of one million pounds, a prison sentence was highly likely. We were able to present exceptional mitigation which lead the judge to pass an exceptional sentence.

Crown CourtNon-custodial sentence - no prisonDate posted: 20 Feb 2024
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Caitlin Watson-Scoley
Caitlin Watson-Scoley | Trainee Solicitor
Client accused of being drug gang leader - Not Guilty.

Our client was accused of being the head of a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the Harrogate area in North Yorkshire. He faced trial with 8 co-defendants at Leeds Crown Court. He was acquitted of all charges after a trial.

Crown CourtNot guilty verdict - client exoneratedDate posted: 09 Feb 2022
Graham Rishton | Alumni
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