You aren't ‘guilty by association’, and we will fight to prove it

Conspiracy solicitors will tell you that this is a type of case that can pull you in even if you weren't the person responsible. We believe this is unfair and shouldn't be allowed to happen. But if you're realistic about the threat and bring in the right help you can put yourself in a strong position to fight the case. Our specialist conspiracy solicitors have the experience and the tools to get the only thing that matters: a not guilty verdict and a return to normal life.

Conspiracy solicitors in Serious Crime & Fraud Cases


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mary monson solicitors is top ranked on chambers and partners 2021
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Being 'lumped in' with other people seems unfair

Being accused of conspiracy can mean the worry of getting dragged down with other people for what they may have been involved in, even if you weren't part of any plan. Even the word 'conspiracy' can sound scary. Feeling you have to justify your exact relationships with friends or colleagues can be frustrating, especially if it is some time later.

Sometimes an accused person won't even know the people they are accused of being in a conspiracy with. This can feel very unfair. People are often accused of being in a conspiracy just for doing a job at work, or even hanging around with friends. People can feel like they have been lumped in with everyone else without any thought as to whether they were actually involved.

If you don't understand how these cases work, including what the law and procedures are, the fear can increase. You can even start to doubt your ability to defend yourself, which increases the stress even more.

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FROM £3000 + VAT

LEGAL AID possible in some cases.


Investigators seem biased - unanswered questions cause stress

Conspiracy cases are difficult because it's a sad fact that investigators sometimes rush to judgment. It can't be fair that knowing a person means you're guilty of what they are doing. Police may present themselves as impartial, but before you know it you can discover that they're building a case against you, cherry-picking facts that make you look guilty, when the whole picture could suggest you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police or lawyers are often not much help at explaining what is going on. What is conspiracy? Will I be drawn into this? These are important questions. If they're unanswered it can increase the stress.

People also make the mistake of trusting the police, thinking that it's best to just let things run their course and it will all be OK. The system punishes this type of naivety.

The stress of dealing with a conspiracy case can be overwhelming. The burden on family is heavy, and so is the possibility of prison or financial loss.

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Conspiracy cases can be won - the right team can give you an edge

If you take a proactive approach to your case, things can be done to improve the situation straight away.

Finding specialist conspiracy solicitors will give you three key advantages:

Expertise: Knowing what to do to defend your case makes a difference. An experienced conspiracy solicitor will know the right strategy in interview. They may even negotiate with investigators to drop the case. They'll put together a defence team of solicitors, expert witnesses and top barristers.

Focus: Your legal team will bring a focus to your case to edge you closer to it being discontinued or won. Everything the team does will be directed towards that goal.

Time: Conspiracy solicitors know that if they want to persuade other people about you, they need to understand you and your case. This can mean many days working with you. This is how your case can be put across in a clear and impressive way. These cases are hard. There is no substitute for doing the work.

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Specialist conspiracy solicitors to guide you through

A conspiracy case doesn't have to mean the end of life as you know it. We're here to help you get through.

Our conspiracy solicitors have been fighting and winning these cases for 40 years. We have refined our methods during that time. Our focus is on the only result that matters: Not Guilty. This is how we do it:

We believe that being connected with someone else is not the same as being guilty. We do everything possible to make sure that the jury doesn't jump to the same conclusions that the prosecution has.

This means listening to you so we know what really happened. Then we go through it all line by line so we can tell the real story. We investigate properly on your behalf, we use the best specialist forensic witnesses. We also have outstanding barristers speaking on your behalf in court so that the jury see the case our way.

Whether it comes during the investigation or at court, we don't rest until we get the result.

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Here's what you can do right now to start fighting a conspiracy case

  • Don’t discuss it with anyone who could be a witness against you, especially the police. If you can, share the situation with a friend or family member who is unconnected with what’s going on so that you’re properly supported and have good advice throughout.

  • Don’t send any text messages which potentially create more evidence which could be used against you.

  • Speak to one of our conspiracy solicitors. We'll pick up the phone in the evenings or weekends, and we can usually see you in person or on secure videocall within 24 hours. Even if your interview has already happened, or if you have solicitors in place and your case has reached the court stage, we're happy to speak to you. Don't assume it's too late to bring in specialists and improve things.

  • Get your evidence together. That means text messages, emails, WhatsApp messages, business records, or anything that shows what you were really doing and what you really knew at the time of the allegations.

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Our criminal solicitors accept clients throughout England and Wales in our offices around the country

If it’s a case we can take on, we’ll defend you at any police station or court in England or Wales. We have offices in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Salford, and we’re happy to have a consultation with you on the phone or in person.

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