A criminal case can disrupt your life - but there's a way through

A criminal case is a scary and unwanted event in a person's life. You can feel let down by police or lawyers, and it can challenge your belief in the system. At times it can feel hopeless.

It doesn't have to be that way. Every day our criminal solicitors help clients on the path to getting their lives back. We're focused, we're organised and we're committed to getting the result for the client. We believe that you have a right to an expert criminal lawyer who will fight for you throughout the case.

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mary monson solicitors is top ranked on chambers and partners 2021
Lexcel Practice Management Standard quality mark
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Being accused of a crime is a nightmare - it steals your peace of mind

A criminal allegation can feel like a threat to every aspect of your life. It can be emotionally exhausting. This is because it's not always clear what you're facing.

Worrying about the possibility of a prison sentence is often the worst burden a person has to deal with. How will I cope? Who will look after my family? Will I be safe? These are the types of questions that can disturb a person's peace of mind for months.

A criminal case can also affect people's families. Families often worry the most, but they don't always know how to help. Even knowing which criminal solicitor to choose can seem daunting. There's also the effect on children, even if they have no involvement in the case.

A criminal case also carries possible effects on a person's career. Many jobs require DBS checks which can show cautions and convictions going back years. Court proceedings are often published on the internet and can remain there for several years.

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FROM £4000 + VAT

LEGAL AID possible in some cases.


The process is difficult because the system is unfair and unknown

People can feel at sea because of the wide range of possible outcomes. Some cases result in a trial, and others end up being dropped after the interview. It's not always obvious what decides this.

People sometimes find the process hasn't been explained to them by the police or even their own criminal solicitor. Sometimes they go into a police station or court without fully understanding the danger they're in. A 'chat' offered by police officers can end up being a recorded formal interview under caution, and bad advice from a criminal solicitor to plead guilty to a minor offence on the assumption it will have no consequence can end a person's career.

The criminal justice system also doesn't treat people with sensitivity or respect, even if they've done nothing wrong. Police sometimes pretend to be helpful and neutral, even if they're actively building a case against you.

People who have faith in the system (often because they've done nothing wrong) can end up being its biggest victims.

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Getting the help and knowledge that's available reduces stress

Even if things look worrying or even desperate, it is possible to improve the situation. It starts with having specialist criminal lawyers.

The best criminal solicitors will know that the strategy should focus on getting the result that matters. This means sitting down and getting to know the facts as the client sees them and what he or she wants, whether it's no police record, no conviction, or no prison. Then the criminal solicitor can give helpful and tailored advice. Clients involved in decisions feel less frustrated and scared.

Having a good criminal lawyer also means that your case is treated proactively. This starts with pushing the police or prosecution for information, trying to steer the case in a better direction, and investigating on your behalf. What haven't the police done? Can the case be discontinued? This type of thinking often gets results.

If the criminal solicitor works with top barristers and expert witnesses, it can help sway the outcome your way.

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Our criminal solicitors are experienced, focused and prepared to fight

When you meet one of our criminal lawyers you'll quickly notice our focused approach, and you'll feel the difference that makes. Clients often say that this is the first time they've felt some control over the situation.

Our solicitors listen to you. We don't judge and you can't shock us. We've done these cases many times before, and we're here to help you get through it.

When you choose us, we start gathering available evidence immediately: interviews, prosecution evidence, or anything you have. We analyse it, advise you, and do everything needed to prepare.

Our lawyers push for cases to be dropped wherever possible.

We use only top barristers and forensic experts to present your case to give you the best chance in court.

We support you, treat you with respect and keep you informed, so your frustration is replaced by confidence.

We fight for you. 40 years in the UK's most important criminal cases wasn't just earned by being legal experts, but by fighting our cases to win.

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Steps you can take right now to improve your situation

  • Call us for a free consultation and have a meeting with one of our criminal solicitors on secure videocall or in person in one of our offices around the country

  • Don't post anything on social media about the situation, even if you don't post names of people involved

  • Tell a family member or close friend if you are suffering under the strain of the case on your own.

  • Don't speak to the police without a lawyer present. If they call you, say your lawyer will call them back.

  • Don't assume it will all turn out fine unless you're proactive. Naivety is punished by the system.

  • Don't think it's too late to improve the situation if the process has already started and you haven't organised a lawyer yet. There's usually time to improve things.

  • If in doubt, call us and we'll be happy to speak to you. Even if we can't help we'll tell you so and we'll help point you in the right direction.

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