Investigations into Cryptocurrency Confidence Frauds can be complex. Being accused of this type of offence can leave you not only confused, but at a complete loss when your personal devices have been taken by the police.

People often have little understanding of why they are being investigated in the early stages as the police providing very little information. This type of offence can involve technical areas of law and the subject of Cryptocurrency is still something that is confusing for most people.

Having advice from a lawyer specialising in Cryptocurrency fraud can make a difference.

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Being investigated for a Crypto Confidence Fraud can often mean that you are treated like ‘scam artist’, before you are even charged. The police may already have a predetermined view of the type of person you and that you must be guilty.

There can also be some degree of confusion or misunderstanding as to whether an alleged fraud is actually just a legitimate business venture that has simply gone wrong. It is also possible that someone can be roped into helping someone else to commit a fraud without actually knowing that there is anything criminal taking place.

The modern and technical nature Cryptocurrency can also enhance that lack of understanding, which can lead to you being treated like a criminal without having done anything wrong.

The most obvious problem that people have when accused of a Cryptocurrency Confidence Fraud is not having any evidence available to them in the early stages. All electronic devices will often be seized and we will be subject to police forensic analysis which can take months if not years.

Lawyers who have experience in general Fraud cases may not have any knowledge or experience of cryptocurrency, and so find the right lawyer so you can get some proper advice and guidance can often be difficult.

There can also be a huge financial impact before you are even charged, as you do not have access to devices that you use to run your business. Bank accounts and assets could even be frozen whilst you are still under investigation, limiting how you live your everyday life whilst you wait for a charging decision.

You do not have to feel alone. While many are still behind in understanding cryptocurrency frauds, lawyers have been keeping a close eye on them for years. That means there are specialist cryptocurrency fraud defence lawyers available.

They will take the time to explain the case against you and both the strengths and weaknesses. You will be guided through the process with complicated legal jargon simplified and explained.

Their support will not waiver, no matter how long the investigation lasts. With it often taking years for decisions to be reached, they will ensure you are advised every step of the way.

These lawyers will give you back control at a time where it feels as though you have none. So, if it feels as though you have no where to turn, you should know that specialist lawyers are out there.

Our specialist cryptocurrency fraud lawyers know how to navigate this complex area of law. We take the time to listen to our clients to ensure that the smallest detail is never missed. This approach allows us to guide you through

We take proactive steps to try and get the case stopped before it even reaches the court. By examining the case early on, our nationally recognised lawyers identify weaknesses in investigations and fight for the case to be dropped.

For every case, we work alongside a team of renowned barristers and expert witnesses. Should your case reach the court, we will work tirelessly to ensure your defence is robust.

  • Call us to speak with one of our specialist cryptocurrency fraud lawyers.

  • Don't speak with the police or investigating body without a lawyer present.

  • Don't destroy data or messages. Even if you have done nothing wrong, it could be a criminal offence.

  • Don't despair. There is very little that can't be improved if you are proactive and get the right advice and support.

  • Back up your data. Having access to potentially helpful material during an investigation can be a major advantage. This can be especially important when it comes to evidencing trading history.

  • Don't try to face this alone. This area of law is complex and the stakes are high. To ensure the right out come you need to have specialist cryptocurrency fraud lawyers.


Frequently asked questions

Investigations into alleged cryptocurrency confidence frauds often take at least a year to investigate, with some lasting considerably longer. This area of law is complex and as it develops, police and other agencies becoming increasingly reliant on specialist technical advice from external bodies. Their enquiries involve gathering evidence from a variety of sources, including devices seized, bank accounts, IP addresses and statements from victims of the fraud. All of these factors make these investigations complicated and therefore time consuming. Should the investigation result in you being charged, it can take months, and in some cases years, before the case is finished.

If the police informally ask you for your passwords, you don't have a legal duty to provide them. However, if they make a formal request using a section 49 RIPA (Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act) Notice, you are under a legal obligation to provide a password if it is within your knowledge. If you cannot remember the password, this is a defence, but you may have to persuade a court that this is genuine the case. If you do not comply with a s. 49 notice, you can be charged with a separate offence. The sentence can be up to two years imprisonment, or up to five years if the case involves sexual offences against children or national security (for example terrorism matters).

While it may seem that co-operating as much as possible will make the police go away, this is far from the reality. There is no duty for the police and investigators to open and frank about the evidence against. As a result, you will remain in the dark about the alleged case. By the time you first meet with the police, they are looking for ways to secure your conviction. So, providing significant unfiltered details, or refusing your right to a lawyer, will not speed up the process. Instead, it will generally put you at greater risk.

If your family or friends have had large amounts of money passing through their bank accounts and perhaps crypto wallets, or if you have shared their devices or internet, it is possible that they too will be arrested. While it does not necessarily mean they will be charged or convicted, the starting point for a prosecutor is to take that person to court if there is any link to the alleged cryptocurrency confidence fraud. If you are concerned that your friends or family are going to be in this position, they need specialist cryptocurrency fraud legal advice.

It is almost guaranteed that your phone and other electronic devices will be seized by the police. If they find anything that could potentially support their case, it will remain with them until the case concludes. If you are charged and convicted, the devices can be destroyed. Should you be acquitted, all of the devices will be returned.

However, where nothing of evidential value is found, representations can be made to have those devices returned. Even in this situation, it can take the police months to review and release a device. So, if possible, it is recommended that you make arrangements to purchase a new phone so that you can go about your daily life.

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