Money Laundering cases are often unfair - Get the right lawyer to beat the case

Money laundering laws are often used against people who weren't part of a criminal enterprise, if they helped move cash or assets. But many people get caught in these cases just because they believed there was nothing suspicious going on.

If you're facing an allegation, our money laundering solicitors are here to help you get through it. On this page we explain the problem, the solution, and the concrete steps that you can take right now to make the situation better.

Money Laundering Solicitors for Investigations & Court


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mary monson solicitors is top ranked on chambers and partners 2021
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These cases target people without criminal connections

Being accused of money laundering can be both a complete shock and very frustrating. Money laundering or 'transferring criminal property' is an offence which prosecutors typically use to target people who are not actually criminals.

It can seem unfair because it's not an offence of being involved in the main crime, but assisting it through transferring money or property, and people are often accused of money laundering even if they were not aware of any criminal activity.

Unbelievably, it is also used by prosecutors to target families and friends of alleged main offenders. In our society trusting friends is a quality we admire, but in these cases it can result in a person being linked to a crime without knowing. Finding that this has happened to you can be a terrible shock, especially if it means that you become tangled in a serious criminal case when you've never been in serious trouble before.

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FROM £4000 + VAT

LEGAL AID possible in some cases.


Naivety makes people easy targets

Money laundering solicitors know that these cases are made more difficult because there is an expectation on you to prove your innocence. The truth is that if money has been in your possession, the burden is on you to explain it. It can be very stressful having your actions under the microscope in this way.

Being naive isn’t an offence, but sometimes people only later realise the mistake and can’t believe they were so trusting. Then they worry about having to trust a jury they've never met to see the truth.

Money laundering cases often involve people who have no experience of the justice system, and that makes it harder to know how to respond. That makes it worse not just for the person, but also his or her family. They may be afraid that others will get into trouble, or even be scared of other suspects.

People can even get caught up in a big conspiracy case with people they've never met. This is daunting, especially if it's a large amount of money or there's a possibility of prison.

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It doesn't have to be so unfair - there is a way through

It doesn't have to be like this.

Having experienced money laundering solicitors can stop you from feeling you've been dragged into somebody else's mess. The law does not allow a person to be convicted if they did not know or suspect something criminal was going on.

Tough-minded money laundering lawyers never accept prosecution mudslinging. It is lazy and unfair for investigators or prosecutors to say 'you must have known' or 'there's no smoke without fire'. It's also not how the law works.

You have a right to be believed, even if you were naive, and even if you regret some things in hindsight. Specialist money laundering solicitors use their experience and know-how to stop the allegation from turning into a conviction based on cynical opinions.

You aren't guilty of the actions of others, and you shouldn't have to apologise for them. Having the right team of money laundering lawyers separating you from the criminal case can turn the whole situation in your favour.

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Our money laundering solicitors have the tools to help

When you meet our specialist money laundering solicitors, you will immediately feel that you have found experts who can make a difference in your case.

We do everything necessary to put a barrier between you and the allegation. We don't rest until the case is stopped, ideally without going to trial.

We assemble a group of barristers and finance experts to work together with our money laundering lawyers. We then do the investigation the other side should have done to show the true picture of what happened. This means a full analysis of the money trail, listening to you to understand all the facts and relationships around what happened. We then investigate to support what you have told us. Your story is the most important thing in your case. When that is solid, we go in to persuade and to fight.

Our money laundering solicitors focus on winning your case to clear your name. Clients tell us that seeing this effort and commitment gives them real confidence in their case.

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  • Speak to a specialist money laundering solicitor or expert financial crime or fraud solicitor. This is niche and specialised work. It's not a good idea to just use a general criminal lawyer.

  • Call us to see if our money laundering solicitors can help - we'll speak to you even if you have been represented by another firm. There's no obligation to choose us.

  • Don't despair - even money going through a personal bank account is not the same as being guilty

  • Don't assume that the investigator is on your side and will help. They may be sympathetic but they get praised and promoted for getting convictions.

  • Don't assume that it will be all OK without you being proactive. You only get one chance in criminal proceedings. The justice system works for people who face the challenge and work for the best result.

  • Don't suffer the stress without support, for example a family member or a friend. If you're suffering with mental health or sleep problems, go to your GP.

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