Murder cases are the most difficult and most specialised. Don’t gamble with your representation.

Our murder lawyers leave no stone unturned in a murder case. This means every important detail being followed up, every witness being traced, and top forensic experts being brought in. Having specialist murder solicitors is an important first step. They will then bring in top barristers to defend you in court. The prosecution has immense resources in these cases. We have the tools to deal with their attacks. We care about one result – a not guilty verdict.

Read below to see how we get there.

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Client investigated for Murder - Police case dropped

Our client was taken to the police station, following a police raid relating to a high-profile Joint Enterprise Murder investigation. We carefully advised him and protected his interests before, during, and after the interview process, following which the police dropped the case.

Police StationInvestigation discontinued with no further actionDate posted: 28 Sep 2022
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Alex Chowdhury
Alex Chowdhury | Associate Director
Murder linked to Mark Duggan's Death - Not Guilty

Our murder solicitors defended a man accused of the murder of Kelvin Easton, in the so called 'unavenged killing' that led to the shooting of Mark Duggan by Police, sparking London Riots. We told the Old Bailey jury the case was based on rumour. They found our client Not Guilty.

Crown CourtNot guilty verdict - client exoneratedDate posted: 29 Apr 2021
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Kellie Dent
Kellie Dent | Associate Director
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