A drugs supply case can bring chaos to your life, but you don't have to be its victim.

A drugs case can result in you feeling violated and exposed. The stress on families when someone is at risk of prison can seem unbearable.

But you don't have to deal with the problem alone. Our specialist drugs supply solicitors spend time with you to understand the problem and help you get through it.

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Not guilty verdict - client exonerated

A drugs supply case can seem to take over your life

A drugs investigation often starts with the unexpected shock of an early morning raid. People can feel disorientated, confused, and overwhelmed by what's going on. When the dust settles, fear can set in.

Will I go to prison? Can the police come back? Will I lose my home or valuables they have seized? These questions can keep people up at night, even if the answers aren't as bad as they fear, and that's before even considering the effect on future employment a conviction might have.

Effect on families can be a real burden while this is going on. Children can be affected especially if there's a possibility of bail being refused.

The pressure can be overwhelming and the solution isn't always obvious

One reason drugs cases are scary is because people don't know to expect, especially if they've never been in serious trouble before.

Family members, often parents or partners, want to help but they often don't know where to find help. It can be more difficult when the person is young and might have got in over his or her heads. Police often don't appreciate that people can be under serious pressure from the real drug dealers, which is often the case with young people.

Police can be impolite, heavy handed, often unprofessional or someties vindictive. In some cases the client or family members can even feel like the lawyers aren't particularly interested in listening to them. The worry is that this could mean that they are defeatist in court.

There is a way through, and it starts with having the right lawyers

It doesn't have to be like this. Specialist drug supply lawyers are available who can help start to make things better.

Drugs Supply Lawyers start by listening to you and your family about what your concerns are. They will also listen to what you say actually happened. They won't just rush to judgement like the police or even other lawyers have done.

A good possession and supply drugs lawyer will make sure they get all the information available so that they fully understand your case. They then talk you through all of this and together you make a plan of action to make things better.

This means having a specialist criminal lawyer negotiating and pressuring the police and CPS to think about the case differently.

Our expert drug supply lawyers have the answers to help you through

Our top drugs solicitors have been defending drugs cases for decades. We know what works. We ensure we understand the case better than anyone so we can get the result you need.

We refuse to simply accept assumptions made about you based on limited evidence: Drugs found don't always mean dealing, or even that the person owned them. Cash seized is not the same as being guilty. Being linked to someone involved in drugs doesn't mean guilt. Even scales don't necessarily mean someone is a dealer.

We're proactive to obtain evidence. This can mean witnesses the police didn't speak to, forensic experts for phones, or even DNA. If we can, we get the case dropped. If the case goes to court, we retain a top drugs barrister to speak for you.

Do's and Don'ts if you're worried about a drug supply case

  • Call us now and speak to one of our expert possession with intent to supply drugs lawyers. We don't charge for a meeting and there's no obligation.

  • Don't despair at what you read online Every case is different and custody is not always inevitable.

  • Don't at any point contact the police except through your lawyers. What you say to police is evidence.

  • Don't speak to anyone else who may be suspected.

  • Do make sure that you have the support and advice of a family member or close friend.

  • Do go to your GP if you're having problems with anxiety or sleep.

  • Accept that you won't get your phone back anytime soon if it has been seized. Get a new handset so you can keep your number, but you should know that the police can still access your call records.

No-tricks fixed-fee pricing

We can usually offer a fixed fee instalment plan so you can plan for the expense, and so you can fund your case in stages while it is continuing.

Private representation

Once we have an idea of what kind of case you are facing and what work that will be necessary, we will then be able to provide you with a fixed fee quote. This means that you know before you commit how much your case will cost.

Representation at interview or court hearings
Analysing the evidence & investigating
Conferences with your lawyers
Negotiating with police or prosecutors

Fixed fee from



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Frequently Asked Questions

Every case is different. Even if you are convicted, prison is not a foregone conclusion. In fact, if the amounts are small, it's a first offence, and you are dealing to friends, the chances of not going to prison are pretty good. Sentences of years are usually handed out in cases where someone is dealing Class A drugs or larger amounts of Class B as a business. We'd advise you to take legal advice from a specialist possession with intent to supply lawyer for a proper analysis.

There is no good answer to this. These investigations can take months or sometimes even longer. Phones are usually kept until the end of the case, which can easily run into years. Property of other people such as family members should be returned earlier but the police usually have to be requested to do so.

It often depends how much has been seized. It will usually be held under the Proceeds of Crime Act until the end of the case, and you may still have to argue for its return in a separate cash hearing in the Magistrates' Court. If someone else owned it or you can prove where it came from there may be a chance you get it back.

You can't usually lose your home or other properties unless you're convicted in the Crown Court. Then there will be a separate Proceeds of Crime (POCA) hearing. If your property is joint owned, then other owners such as your partner may be able to claim that their share should not be confiscated.

You don't actually have to be in possession of drugs to be guilty of a drug supply offence. Being concerned in the supply could mean that you are helping someone else to supply drugs in some way. The police must prove that you took part in something which is preparatory to the supply of drugs and that an offer to supply has been made. You cannot be guilty if you took no part in any offer.

Police investigations into drugs take months and, frustratingly, sometimes years. That is the longest delay usually, but of course if you plead not guilty, a trial could also also take several months. The system moves slowly, especially if you are in a case where there is more than one suspect.

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