Our public order offence lawyers win cases – at trial or by getting them dropped

Our public order offence solicitors do not simply accept the police view of the case. Police often make mistakes about the context or about who was to blame in a situation, and they even sometimes lie.

These cases can affect a person's mental health, family life, and career. Our job is to fight for you, using all of our skill and experience to get you the right result.

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CPS offer no evidence for charges of Violent Disorder

Our clients had been charged with violent disorder after a fight between them and three security guards in Stevenson Square in Manchester. They instructed our firm and after a long fought case, we were able to ensure that the case was discontinued.

Crown CourtCase discontinued by the prosecutionDate posted: 17 Mar 2023
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Liam Kotrie
Liam Kotrie | Director
CPS Agree to Reduced Charges for client

Our client was charged with three offences including assault of an emergency worker and s5 public order. Using video evidence, we were able to show that excessive force was used by the police against our client and his charges were reduced as a result.

Magistrates CourtProsecution agreed to reduced chargeDate posted: 23 Jun 2023
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Caitlin Watson-Scoley
Caitlin Watson-Scoley | Trainee Solicitor
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