An accusation of rape is toxic, but you don’t have to be its victim.

Rape is such a loaded word that the accusation on its own can be terribly destructive. You do not have to feel helpless in this situation. Having specialist rape solicitors to advise and defend you can help you feel supported and optimistic about the outcome.

The Police and CPS don’t have the last word in these cases, and we make sure that it is clear from the beginning that if they bring the case, they will meet serious opposition from expert rape lawyers.

Rape Solicitors - Defence for Police Stations & Court


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mary monson solicitors is top ranked on chambers and partners 2021
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Rape affects accused people and families in many different ways

Being accused of rape can cause huge distress. Once someone points a finger, it can feel like your whole personality is being attacked, not to mention your liberty and reputation.

It can also be a major shock to find yourself not believed by police officers who can seem to act on the basis that you're guilty even if they know nothing of what has gone on. Men, many of them young and naive, often find themselves unprepared to deal with the criminal justice system.

There is a fear of publicity and what that could do to career prospects, especially if the person is a regulated professional. People also sometimes have fears of being socially excluded just because of the allegation.

The sense of injustice and violation caused by a false accusation adds to the stress. Not even feeling able to express anger at what's happening can seem like the final insult.

Even after a person's name is cleared, the damage can be long lasting, both to a person’s reputation and even his or her mental health.

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FROM £4000 + VAT

LEGAL AID possible in some cases.


Some people are in denial about false allegations

There is a national media obsession with rape cases. The criminal justice system is under attack for falling conviction rates, and the government response has been bringing in targets for numbers of people convicted, not improving investigations.

This all means that for some people false allegations is an off-limits subject. But it is a fact that negative relationships and damaged individuals are often starting points for allegations that are simply made up. There is such a thing as a false allegation, and there is such a thing as an accused person who is vulnerable to a malicious claim of rape. 

In this strange atmosphere, an accused person often keeps the allegation secret, which creates more stress. If friends and family do know about what's going on, they might want to help, but it’s not always clear how they can help. On the other hand, the police and CPS can seem to think that 'can we get a conviction' is a more important question to ask than whether the allegation is even true.

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Rape solicitors tackle the problem logically to give you piece of mind

Common sense and reason will start to replace panic and despair if you get proactive rape solicitors on your side.

Having the right advice and representation can stop the nonsense from turning into a conviction. The question 'why would this person be lying?' is a trap which can be overcome. In rape cases, as in all criminal law, it has never been up to an accused person to second guess a liar.

When the truth is told in the right way by experienced rape solicitors, the police and the CPS should stop, listen and be persuaded. If they don't see sense, specialist rape solicitors can present your case so that the jury see the truth.

Expert rape solicitors will work actively for your innocence, instead of standing by as the case progresses. Proactive means: full investigation of the evidence and searching for points to attack, including inconsistencies in different accounts, the timelines, the motives, and all message records.

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Having us on your side can turn things back in your favour

If you call our specialist rape solicitors, the feeling that your case is just drifting along will end. 'Expert rape solicitors' doesn’t just mean skilled rape lawyers, but also a proactive approach.

We start by listening to you to understand what has actually happened, not just what the police suspect. We obtain your file and we do a full analysis before setting out a plan to improve the situation.

Then we go on the offensive. This means targeted pressure so that the case is stopped or won. It starts with the police and CPS, who will quickly understand that you’re well represented and the case will be fought if they continue.

If it gets to court, we prepare for a fight. We assemble a top team of expert rape solicitors and barrister so that you go into court feeling confident. We present your character so positively that it becomes clear that the allegation doesn't make sense.

Innocent people often feel like they're a victim of the system. We want our clients to feel back in control.

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Some important do's and don’ts in a rape case

  • Do confide in a trusted friend or family member. Support and good advice in this difficult situation is an absolutely necessity.

  • Do call us and speak to one of our specialist rape solicitors. We can usually see you within 24 hours, sometimes even the same day.

  • Don’t bury your head in the sand. Facing the problem head-on you can deal with it. 

  • Don’t assume that all lawyers are experts. Make sure you use a firm with experienced rape solicitors.

  • Don’t feel defeated or lose hope. These cases often seem most difficult to face near the beginning.

  • Don’t post anything about the case on social media.

  • Don’t have any direct or indirect contact with the complainant. There may be exceptions if you need to get belongings or share custody of children.

  • Don’t assume the police are there to help and it will work out if you let it run its course. Justice works for proactive people.

  • If you’re having trouble with sleeping or mental health, go to your GP. You don’t have to disclose what has happened.

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