VAT Fraud Investigations are dangerous territory. Professional assistance is needed to come out the other side.

The business world is tough, but dealing with a VAT fraud case at the same time can seem almost impossible.

Getting the right advice from VAT fraud solicitors can make the difference between a case going nowhere and years of investigations and even court.

VAT Fraud Defence Solicitors - Investigations and Court


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mary monson solicitors is top ranked on chambers and partners 2021
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A VAT Fraud case can turn challenging times into a nightmare

A VAT Fraud case can turn your life upside down. It brings with it an immediate fear of threat to your career, reputation.

It can be difficult to bear the pressure because of the stigma associated with being suspected of fraud, even if you've done nothing wrong. Most people in this situation have never been in this type of trouble before, and never thought it would happen to them.

Because VAT claims are often in the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, there is a possibility of prison and asset confiscation if you're convicted, which creates an extra burden.

Worry about the possibility of being convicted can be even worse for businesses and individuals who are regulated by professional bodies if they risk losing their ability to continue their work.

The fact that VAT Fraud cases can threaten both your personal life and your business can make the mental challenge of dealing with the problem much worse.

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FROM £4000 + VAT

LEGAL AID possible in some cases.


Being targeted by HMRC can turn your life upside down

Managing a business is hard, and the Covid years will prove to be even tougher times. A fraud investigation during this period is unthinkable for most people.

Running a business and collecting and manage VAT for the government is a challenge. Mistakes can be made. People can naively trust rogue suppliers or be sabotaged by a colleague, resulting in unmerited HMRC involvement.

When HMRC decides that a person is guilty, they are often uncompromising and cynical in pursuing that person, even there is evidence which suggests that they may be innocent. This is terribly unfair.

People who have never been in trouble are often ashamed and can find it too hard to face up to doing basic things like telling family members, or even finding decent VAT fraud lawyers to start dealing with the problem.

It can seem that HMRC can put a stop to your whole life without challenge. People often suffer in silence, with sleepless nights and stress during the day.

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You don't have to accept cynical attacks by investigators

The disruption and threat to your life and the wellbeing of you and your family caused by an HMRC investigation is not something you have to just accept. HMRC are not all-powerful and they are accountable.

UK law says that you can't be convicted unless you have done something wrong. In many cases even if you admit to having done something negligent or incorrect you can still avoid court or conviction.

Having top lawyers specialist lawyers is an important first step. It is true that HMRC are used to winning tax fraud cases. Part of the reason is that people are not always well defended. When you have a team of specialist VAT fraud lawyers and the right accountants on your side, you stand the best chance of surviving the case. This means either getting the investigation stopped early or winning the case at trial.

When you're properly represented, HMRC is less likely to take liberties during the investigation. They're also less likely to want to take the case to court.

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We have the tools and the approach to beat VAT fraud cases

We've been defending these cases for 30 years and you can have access to the knowledge and experience our VAT fraud solicitors have acquired in that time.

From the beginning of the investigation, your case is treated with the care and attention you expect. We take every opportunity to stop the case going any further.

We assemble a team of top barristers and VAT fraud solicitors with a record of winning so that you're properly defended, and you have the best chance of avoiding conviction. We also work closely with specialist tax advisors throughout, often former HMRC enforcement managers. If the case is headed for trial, we are ready to fight.

We put in time with you to understand the full picture. If there's another explanation for what's happened, we put it forward in the most convincing way.

We make sure you're fully updated and supported throughout. A VAT fraud investigation is one of the most stressful situations a person can face. We want the stress kept to the absolute minimum.

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Steps you can take right now to improve your chances

  • Call us and speak to one of our specialist VAT fraud lawyers. We are happy to discuss what's going on with you, and not much is beyond our experience in this area.

  • Be proactive. The people in these cases who get the best results are the ones who face up to the problem and go out and get the right professionals on their side to help. Get a proper VAT fraud lawyer working with you, not just the local solicitor.

  • Ask all the questions you need to so you fully understand what's going on. This will help you decide what to do next, and it will help you get through the case on an emotional level.

  • If you are struggling with sleep or anxiety, go to see your GP. Most people suffer in an HMRC VAT fraud case, but many don't go and get the support they need.

  • Don't assume that cooperating with everything HMRC staff want will mean they have goodwill towards you and are more likely to give you an easy time. Proper representation, delivered in a forceful and civil way is the key to the result.

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