No Further Action for Youth Accused of Fraud

No further action - police dropped investigation

Date posted: 28 Sep 2022



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26 Jul 2022



Case study summary

Our client was a youth accused of several allegations under the Computer Misuse Act along with money laundering and harassment. He instructed our specialist fraud lawyers and we represented him in interview - he exercised his right to silence. The police took No Further Action.

Case study

Our client and his immediate family were all under investigation for a series of allegations under the Computer Misuse Act. He was also accused of laundering money and harassing a girl. This was a technical case which required extensive research prior to attending his interview.

Our specialist fraud solicitors attended with our client at his interview. He maintained his right to silence and the police were put to proving it was him responsible for each allegation. They failed to do so and No Further Action was taken.

Our client, and his family, can return to normal life without a police investigation hanging over them.

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Nicola Tyers


Nicola is a Solicitor in our Head Office and defends cases all over the UK. She is experienced in Fraud, Serious Crime, and Sexual Offences. Nicola always treats her clients with sensitivity and care.

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