Parents Accused of Child Abuse have Police Case Dropped

No further action - police dropped investigation
11 May, 2022
Sexual Offences
Child Abuse

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Case study summary

Our clients were accused of abusing their 2 year old son. A number of injuries were found during a routine hospital operation. The police immediately suspected our clients. After relentlessly pressuring the police to accept their version of events, the investigation was dropped.

Case study

Our clients were the loving parents to three young children. Social services had been heavily involved with the family but progress was being made and the family unit were very close. Our clients took their 2 year old son to the hospital for a routine operation. Whilst there, a doctor suggested he had unusual and unacccounted for bruises on his body. The police immediately jumped on this and formed a hostile attitude towards our clients.

Needless to say, our clients felt like their lives were falling down around them. To be accused of abusing their child was heartbreaking for them. When the police were ready to interview them, they both contacted our specialist child abuse solicitors and we represented them at the police station.

Our clients had given verbal accounts at the hospital when first asked about their child's bruises. We made the tactical decision to stay silent in the police interview and put the police to work to disprove our clients initial accounts.

After 2 years of being under investigation for such an awful allegation, the police were finally convinced to drop the investigation into both of our clients, accepting that the childs bruises were from innocent play.

As a result of this outcome, our clients can continue to build their family unit and return to family life without the police watching over their shoulders.

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