A child abuse case is tough, but we can help you through it

To be accused of abusing a child can be a traumatic experience. The shock alone can be overwhelming.

But help is available and these cases can be won. When you call or meet with our expert child abuse solicitors we will show you the path to getting the best result. We win cases, and most of our clients even avoid having to go to trial.

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GBH allegation against child - Police drop case

Our client was a Data Analyst accused of hitting his son and causing grievous bodily harm. He completely denied the allegations and requested our expert advice and representation. Within 7 weeks the police dropped the investigation.

Police StationInvestigation discontinued with no further actionDate posted: 07 Dec 2023
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Alex Chowdhury
Alex Chowdhury | Associate Director
Not Guilty for Client Accused of Assault on 6 Month Old

Our client was accused of seriously injuring her 6-month-old baby. She had been through intense Family Court proceedings and was now in the Crown Court. We challenged medical evidence and made a successful application to discontinue the case at trial. Outcome - Not Guilty.

Crown CourtCase discontinued by the prosecutionDate posted: 01 Nov 2022
Profile image of Mary Monson Solicitors criminal lawyer Nicola Tyers
Nicola Tyers | Solicitor
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