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We listen to you to find out what happened. Then we work on persuading others.

A sexual assault allegation can carry a massive stigma, even when it is false. One person’s word can turn your world upside down. But you don’t need to feel helpless, even if the police or CPS look like they've made their minds up.

It’s our sexual assault solicitors' job to make sure that you are believed, and that you avoid being charged or convicted.

False allegations are easy to make but hard to face

The moment a person becomes aware of a sexual assault allegation, the world stops. Anxiety, frustration or even anger are often never far away. A person can be afraid about career, family and even his or her freedom.

No matter what anyone says, a person who faces a false allegation is the justice system's biggest victim. As soon as an allegation is made, even the innocent can feel tainted by it, and feel judged as guilty until proven innocent, which is obviously unfair.

It can be worse for a person who has never faced a criminal case before. Not knowing how to deal with the problem makes it harder. People can be vulnerable to making naive and damaging mistakes in their case.

Police are often unsympathetic, even behaving as if what is happening to you is nothing personal, even as they are constructing the case against you.

Social services in some cases become involved which creates another headache.

Sexual assault cases are tough as soon as the allegation is made

An unfair aspect of sexual assault cases is that the disruption to a person's life starts without the case against them being tested by police first to see if it's true.

Police are under pressure to get convictions, but they also don't have the resources to do a thorough and efficient job.

Their default approach is to interview suspects first and only then follow up on the investigation. This takes months while the case hangs over the accused person, often affecting sleep and mental health. Even if the case is discontinued, there's no compensation for the stress of the investigation.

These cases often end up affecting family. Accusations can come from family or close friends. If there are children at home, police and social services are sometimes heavy-handed, even though they are supposed to be sensitive and professional.

To make matters worse, some lawyers sometimes take an apathetic 'wait and see' approach to defending the client, rather than actively trying to get the case stopped.

The right approach can improve things - help IS available

You don't have to accept that there is nothing you can do to fight back.

It starts with having sexual assault solicitors on your side who help you instead of just standing by watching the damage being done.

From the beginning, experienced sexual assault solicitors can set the tone of how you're treated by police and prosecutors. Your lawyers will listen to you to find out exactly what has happened. They will be sensitive and non-judgmental, and not assume that a witness against you must be telling the truth.

Sexual assault solicitors can explain to you the law and the process. Then you can decide together what choices you'll make. Do you answer questions in interview? Can the police be pressured to drop the case? Can the case be fought? These questions are important and need to be answered.

Specialist sexual assault lawyers can then take solid steps to improve the situation for you to have the best chance of beating the case and your life returning to normal.

Our sexual assault lawyers are here for you, and we know how to win

A person who meets one of our specialist sexual assault solicitors quickly understands that they've come to experts who genuinely care about helping people get through this situation.

Our experienced sexual assault lawyers are totally focused on one result - getting your case stopped or won. We want to help you through it in a way which minimises the stress of the ordeal.

We work intensely to get to that goal, by negotiating with and pressuring the police or CPS, and investigating for ourselves. If it reaches court, your case has to stand out. We prepare you for trial and prepare the case against your accuser. Our sexual assault solicitors look past the allegation and look at motives, inconsistencies, and the background of the complainant.

Claiming to have suffered a sexual assault does not mean that the allegation must be accepted without corroborating evidence. We make sure that everyone in court understands this. We are never afraid to call out a liar.

Steps you can take right now to start dealing with the problem

Call us and speak to one of our sexual assault solicitors. We can usually see you on secure video call the same day or meet in person within 24 hours, with no obligation. Even if we can't help, we will try to point you in the right direction.

Don't lose hope - these cases can be won with the right approach and a client who is prepared to work with his or her lawyers.

Don't think that you don't need a lawyer to deal with the case because you've done nothing wrong. An innocent person has even more to lose. You should never speak to police without a sexual offence solicitor.

Don't just keep the duty solicitor from the police station unless you've checked them out properly.

Don't share anything about the case on social media. The police do social media too.

Do confide in a family member or close friend so you have someone to talk to. Support through tough times is a must.

Go to your GP if you have problems with mental health or sleep. You don't have to share the details of what's going on.

person sitting down box over head feeling ashamed with background

Exceptional win rate - 72% of our clients win their cases

Our criminal solicitors fight to win our clients’ cases and the proof is our results. Where a client doesn’t admit the allegation we win at trial or get the case dropped beforehand in 72% of cases.*

We listen carefully

We listen to you and treat your situation as if we were in your shoes. We don’t hire staff unless they have this mindset. Every case is supervised by one of the firm’s directors.

We investigate thoroughly

We do our own thorough investigation and find the best way to present your case to the police, to the prosecutor, or finally to the jury. This means phone, letters, and aggressive advocacy on your behalf at every stage.

Our criminal solicitors never give up

We never give up, and we fight until we get the result. That can mean early mornings, late nights, and commitment to go the extra mile.

* 72% of clients' cases resulted in case being discontinued at investigation or court stage, or not guilty verdict after trial. Data from all criminal clients between  02.2017 and 08.2019 - excludes cases where the client admitted the offence and chose to plead guilty.

No-tricks fixed-fee pricing

We can usually offer a fixed fee instalment plan so you can plan for the expense, and so you can fund your case in stages while it is continuing.

Private representation

Once we have an idea of what kind of case you are facing and what work that will be necessary, we will then be able to provide you with a fixed fee quote. This means that you know before you commit how much your case will cost.

What's included

  • Representation at interview or court hearings

  • Analysing the evidence & investigating

  • Conferences with your lawyers

  • Negotiating with police or prosecutors

Fixed fee from

£4000+ VAT

Free case review - what do I get and how does it work?

Free time with a lawyer

You get dedicated time with one of our specialist criminal solicitors on the phone or in person, with no obligation, for free.

Non-judgmental listening

When we’re talking with you, we promise to be always non-judgmental and sensitive to what you’re going through.

Expert opinion

Our criminal solicitors start by asking you questions so we can understand what’s going on, and we listen carefully to what you tell us.

How long will my free case review last?

Serious cases

In more serious or difficult situations we may need an hour or two in person to go through things with you properly.

Less serious cases

In some cases which are less serious or complex, it may be ten or twenty minutes on the phone.

Unable to help

If it’s obvious straight away that we wouldn’t be able to help, we’ll tell you straight away and point you in the right direction to find lawyers who can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you’re looking for, contact our leading Criminal Defence Solicitors

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault or sexual touching under section is touching another person in a sexual way without their consent and without reasonable belief in their consent.

Will I go to prison for sexual assault?

Sexual assault cases do not necessarily result in a prison sentence even if the person is convicted. It depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the number of assaults, the age of the victim, whether the assault was through clothes, and what part of the body was touched.

Will I be placed on the sex offenders' register if I am convicted of sexual assault?

Not necessarily. It will depend on your age, the age of the complainant, and on the type of sentence you receive. For example, if you receive a sentence of fewer than 12 months and you and the complainant are both over 18 years old, you will not be placed on the sex offenders' register.

What is the sex offenders' register?

The sex offenders register is actually a set of rules called 'notification requirements' which means that you have to let the local police know your address, give them advance notice of foreign travel, and if you move house. It does not give your neighbours an automatic right to know of any previous convictions you have.

It's one word against the other. Can they bring a case against me for sexual assault?

It is possible for someone to be convicted on the strength of one person's word against another's, but it is less likely. The police and prosecution will usually try to find evidence which points to the defendant being either dishonest or inconsistent in his or her story, or find evidence which supports the complainant's case.

This person has made false allegations of sexual assault against other people before. Can this evidence be used in my defence?

If someone has a habit of making similar sexual allegations against other people, there is scope for this to be used by the defence. Permission has to be obtained from the judge if it is classed as 'evidence of previous sexual history'.

Why didn't the police gather CCTV or other evidence which will help me?

The police are under a duty to obtain evidence which may help the defence. If they don't do this they can be cross-examined on it by the defence in court. The judge may also exclude other prosecution evidence, or in some rare cases stop the case as an abuse of process.

Why don't the police or prosecution take into account my good character? I am well respected and nobody has ever accused me of sexual assault before.

The police and CPS often don't pay much attention to evidence of someone's good character, but that doesn't mean that the court will ignore it. Good sexual assault solicitors will gather evidence of your good name and reputation to make sure that all in court are fully aware that your character is impeccable and that as a result you should be believed.

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