Our sexual offence solicitors defend your reputation and your liberty. We never assume you are guilty.

Call our expert criminal lawyers for a free case review and we'll show you the way forward to getting the best result. Our lawyers are proactive. We don't give up. We win many cases, and most of our clients avoid even having to go to trial. We're here to listen to and support you, but most importantly, to protect you. Our sexual offence solicitors are available on the basis of private representation for affordable fixed fees. In the most serious cases we may be able to work on legal aid.

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Client found Not Guilty of Rape despite full confession

Our client had mental health issues and had been accused of rape. He had sent a signed confession to the alleged victim. We gave him legal advice explaining he had not actually committed an offence, and we fought his trial on that basis. The jury all agreed.

Crown CourtNot guilty verdict - client exoneratedDate posted: 03 Mar 2022
Police Drop False Sexual Assault and ABH Allegation

After a drunken night out our client was wrongly accused of sexual assault and ABH in Oxford city centre. Our specialist criminal defence lawyers applied significant pressure on the police to obtain key CCTV evidence. They then dropped the case and took no further action.

Police StationInvestigation discontinued with no further actionDate posted: 28 Apr 2022
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