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Man shares intimate image of ex-partner & avoids prison

Non-custodial sentence - no prison
25 February, 2022
General Sexual Offences

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Case study summary

Our client was a student suffering with major mental health problems. He admitted burglary and sharing a sexual image of his partner. We persuaded the court to give him a community order after we explained his problems at the time, and he was allowed to stay at university.

Case study

Our client was a young man at university studying landscaping and civil engineering.

He appeared at Sheffield Magistrates Court, charged with burglary and disclosing a private sexual image of his former partner.

On the night in question, he had entered his ex-partner's university accommodation, breaking the door while doing so. He then filmed himself damaging property in her kitchen. He left the flat after a short while, but then posted an intimate image of her on his Instagram account. He deleted the post almost immediately, but sent his partner a screenshot of the post before doing so. This meant that she believed that the image had been posted to all of his followers.

He had been suffering with severe mental health problems. Since the incident he had been diagnosed with a personality disorder, and was being treated for depression and anxiety.

We were able to obtain his full medical records and arranged for a psychological assessment to be carried out. The report we received, coupled with further mitigating evidence, was put forward at court by our hand-selected barrister. Having been persuaded that our client's mental health had a significant impact on the commission of these offences, the Magistrates felt able to offer him a community order as opposed to a prison sentence.

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