Careless Driving

This can be a real source of annoyance and stress for anyone in the firing line. This is often worse where any accident was serious or traumatic in itself.

People can feel victimized or that they are treated like a criminal during these proceedings, and all for what is often a lapse in concentration, or often simply an accident.

Police officer and a police car on a highway

Our careless driving solicitors are specialists in these cases, and we can regularly save the licences of those accused, often getting prosecutions dropped or dismissed by the magistrates. Our experience goes as far as representing people accused of Dangerous Driving, and Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

Our careless driving solicitors' case studies

Any motoring lawyer can claim to have expertise in different types of motoring case. We have included here a case study to give some idea of how we prepare our cases.

Failing to stop, and failure to report the accident

Our client was a businessman accused of hitting another car at a roundabout, failing to stop, and failure to report the accident to the police. As well as the failure to stop and report the accident, he received a summons for driving without due care and attention.

He was accused of driving into the other car on purpose, then speeding off. As a respected professional person, he vigorously denied this, and we prepared a case that involved numerous character witnesses, as well as commissioning a technical report into the accident which showed that the damage could have been caused by a simple nudge, which he might not even have noticed.

After the first hearing we put our case informally to the prosecution, and they dropped the case against our client.

The Law of Careless Driving Explained

The offence of driving without due care and attention is contained in section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1998 (known as RTA 1988).  It can usually only be heard in the magistrates court.

The Law does not actually state what is meant by the words 'due care and attention', but courts say that the standard of driving has to be that of a reasonable and careful driver. In certain circumstances, the court may look to the Highway Code as a source of advice on what constitutes good driving, but the guidelines in it do not all carry the weight of law.

The following types of behaviour may constitute carless driving:

  • tailgating another vehicle

  • pulling out in front of a vehicle, creating a risk of collision

  • driving inappropriately fast according to the road conditions

  • otherwise not paying attention to the road

Inconsiderate Driving

A similar offence is inconsiderate driving, which includes driving which unreasonably upsets other road users, because it is particularly aggressive or selfish. If a car purposely and repeatedly tailgates, flashes or beeps its horn at another driver, then the charge of inconsiderate driving could be made out.

Driving without due care and attention - likely penalties

Various penalties exist for careless driving and inconsiderate driving. A court must endorse the licence with 3 9 points OR enter a disqualification of a length to be decided by the court, a fine will also usually be payable.

A court, may, with skillful persuasion consider a very short ban as a punishment if points would result in a totting up ban of 6 months or more.

A court should only consider the maximum number of points or a long ban if there has been a lot of damage, or if there have been any other aggravating features, such as other offences committed at the same time. The court may take into account the defendant's previous driving record, and the effect of a ban on the defendant.

If you have been summoned for or charged with careless driving, and a ban will have a negative effect on you, we recommend getting in touch to talk about your options.

How our service works

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