Murder investigations require specialist murder solicitors

Murder investigations, like medical operations, are a specialist field. You don't contact an optician to look at a heart problem. And the reality is that in a murder case, you don't bring in a general practitioner of crime who doesn't have specific experience in murder cases.

The investigation is key. Understanding what can be done and when it can be done, can make a huge difference when facing the most serious of all crimes. It is important to know you are not on your own - read on for guidance from our specialist murder solicitors on what to be aware of and ensure you or a family member have the best chance of fighting a case.

Black solicitor showing a paper to a young man

The Early Stages

Of course, the time at the police station is absolutely vital. It can even be where the guilt or innocence of the accused is already established.

Many different types of scenario can lead to a murder investigation. A situation can arise all too often from a domestic context which spirals out of control very quickly, and results in somebody dying. The person accused of causing the death may have been acting in self defence or in some extreme situations, lost their mental capacity at the time of the incident. That person may be arrested very quickly and taken to a police station leaving their family or even young children behind without any control over this. They may never have seen the inside of a police station before. Having been in such a traumatic situation whatever the scenario, they will be going through emotional turmoil. Regardless of what happened at the time of the incident, the emotional rollercoaster can change and develop within hours and an innocent position can easily develop into an inevitable feeling of guilt. That feeling of guilt is not necessarily because they are guilty from a legal perspective, but simply because they feel guilty due to what has happened. A person in this scenario, in particular, is in desperate need of specialist help, and that is why a specialist murder solicitor with experience in these cases, should be contacted as early as possible for initial free legal advice.

It is the initial contact and specialist advice in the earliest stages that can have a huge impact on the accused, and the entire case itself in the later stages.

During the investigation

An accused person may not always be charged straight away, and will sometimes be bailed or even released under investigation whilst the investigation is ongoing. This does not mean the problem has gone away, however. Having a clear point of contact for the accused is essential, and not just for a bit of reassurance and peace of mind, which in itself should not be forgotten. Aside from that, something can happen where an issue or question can arise where is it is important to speak to a murder solicitor before any decision is made on the next course of action. Regular contact with the legal team is a must.

The burden on families

It is often forgotten by the professionals that it is the families and parents who suffer almost as much, and sometimes more than the person who has actually been accused. The prospect of losing a son or daughter to a life sentence can be genuinely terrifying. It is very important that the murder solicitor's role in these circumstances is not just making sure that the case is excellently prepared, but also taking time and effort to ensure that the family of the accused is supported where appropriate. One of the most horrible parts of this type of experience for a family is where they feel shut out or constantly left with no idea as to what is going on.

The murder solicitor cannot control the situation necessarily, but they can help the accused and their family understand what may or may not happen, or simply why nothing appears to be happening.