Murder investigations require specialist murder solicitors

Now, murder investigations, like tax investigations, like specialist medical operations, are a specialist field. You don't bring in an optician to look at a heart problem. You don't bring a psychologist to look at some kind of hormonal problem. The reality is that in a murder case you don't bring in necessarily a general practitioner of general crime who doesn't have specific experience in murder cases.

And of course the time at the police station is absolutely vital. Its often effectively where the guilt or innocence of the accused is established.

You have of course different types of accused persons. You've got the domestic murderer where the person has lost their self control or something has happened where a killing has taken place. They may never have seen the inside of a police station before. They may have been arrested leaving behind small kids for example. They'd be thinking what is my family going to think about this, what my friends are going to think about this? So they are in an absolute emotional turmoil. At the time when the killing took place, they clearly may have the proper intention or may not have had the intention but - a couple of hours later, or three or four hours later there's an inevitable feeling of guilt. That feeling of guilt is not necessarily because there has been a criminal guilt but a person feels guilty. And they are the ones who need the specialist help, and that is where specialist murder solicitors, with experience of these sort of cases should be brought in.

The burden on families

Its really not recognised sometimes by professionals that families, parents suffer almost as much and sometimes more than the actual person accused. Mother's losing children, or facing losing children to a 20 or 30 year prison sentence, that can be horrific and its very important that murder solicitor's role in these circumstances is not just to be making sure that the case is excellently prepared. Of course, that's a given, but making sure that the family is supported where appropriate too.


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