Client faced three allegations - Entire Case Dropped

Case discontinued by the prosecution
31 March, 2022
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Case study summary

Our client was a man who faced three separate criminal allegations after a breakdown in a relationship. We worked to build representations against the charge in a situation where there was a clear lack of evidence. The police agreed and decided to take no further action.

Case study

Our client was a 27-year-old man who has been arrested after his ex-partner made allegations of sexual assault, criminal damage, and actual bodily harm. This was a particularly difficult time for our client and his family due to the son that he and his ex-partner shared. Risking damage to his working and personal life, our client reached out to us, having researched our specialist criminal lawyers and our history with offences such as these. It quickly became clear that we had to resolve this matter not just for the client but for his entire family.

We met with our client very quickly, after our first call, to make sure we understood more about him and the allegations. Having spoken with our lawyers for a few hours it was apparent that a strong case to prevent a charge could be made to the police.

Frequent meetings were held and we began to build a picture of the relationship he had with the complainant. With his permission, we also worked alongside family members who helped us to understand the toxicity that had built up during his relationship. We put all of this information together to make sure that the police understood there was another side to the relationship.

Thankfully, the police came to the decision that no further action was required and the case was dropped. This meant not only could the client move on but he was able to see his son knowing his name had been cleared.

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