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12-year-old accused of supplying drugs - Case Dropped

No further action - police dropped investigation
24 April, 2022

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Case study summary

Our client was a 12-year-old who had been accused of supplying Class B drugs in school. We carefully controlled the investigation and left the Police with no choice other than to drop the case. This allowed him to stay in school and protected his future.

Case study

Our client had been accused by police of selling Cannabis in school. This was a serious allegation which could have had lasting effects on his future. He and his parents wanted to ensure the best outcome, so they contacted our specialist criminal lawyers.

As soon as they approached us, we took over communication with the police. It was vital that we carefully controlled the case.

The police alleged that our client had been selling drugs to other students at school. They said that one of his teachers had seen him and that our client had confessed. He strongly denied this.

We attended the police station with our client and his parents. It became clear that the Police had failed to gather any reliable evidence against him but were trying to pressure him to confess. They used various tactics to try and do this, including offering a youth caution. We quickly recognised that the officers were trying to manipulate our client and advised him to provide no comment during the interview.

The police were left with no option but to drop the case. This allowed our client to remain in school and will mean that his bright future is unaffected. His parents were grateful that we had quickly achieved the best possible result and the whole family could now move on.

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