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Case Dropped against 14-year-old accused of Rape

No further action - police dropped investigation
7 June, 2022
Sexual Offences
Rape Accusations

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Case study summary

Accused of such a serious offence and worrying for their child, our client's family contacted our specialist lawyers to assist. We assessed the facts and it became clear that this was a false allegation and the complainant was taking advantage of him. The case was dropped.

Case study

Our client, a 14-year-old student, had been accused of raping his 16-year-old girlfriend in his home. He was terrified of what could happen and his family contacted our specialist lawyers before his interview with the police.

Since the allegation, he had become introverted and was scared to leave his home. He could not go to school for fear of being attacked and had lost the majority of his friends.

Despite our client's mother making an allegation against his girlfriend, the police chose not to interview her and instead labelled him as the offender, even though he was two years younger.

We represented him at his interview and submitted a detailed prepared statement putting forward his account. He was, in fact, the victim and had been sexually and physically abused by his girlfriend. She had even burnt him with deodorant spray, leaving a mark on his hand. The police had failed to look into this after his mother made the initial complaint and it was clear they had not investigated his side of the story. Eventually, they had no choice but to close down the investigation.

Our client was able to clear his name and return to school to continue his studies.

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