No Further Action for Client Accused of Raping Wife

No further action - police dropped investigation
25 July, 2022
Sexual Offences
Rape Accusations

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Case study summary

Our client was arrested for allegations of raping and assaulting his wife. Our specialist rape solicitors attended the police station and put forward a prepared statement of his account. The police took no further action and dropped the investigation.

Case study

Our client found himself arrested late at night for allegations of rape, sexual and physical assault against his wife. He had been out with friends and when he returned home, his wife accused him of staying out too late and an argument started. His wife called the police to report an assault, contrary to Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, but when the police arrived, she added allegations of rape and sexual assault.

Our client had no previous convictions and was astonished to find himself in the police station for such serious allegations made completely out of the blue. He called our specialist rape solicitors and we attended the police station.

After carefully considering our client's position, we decided to put forward a detailed prepared statement of his account and what really happened that night and highlighting that there was no evidence to support her allegations. This persuaded the police to take no further action against our client and the investigation was dropped.

Our client, whilst distraught about the allegations, has been able to return to his wife and job without the stigma of a rape allegation hanging over his head.

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