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Sexual Assault investigation Dropped For Our Client

No further action - police dropped investigation
4 April, 2022
Sexual Offences
Sexual Assault

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Case study summary

Our client was accused of sexual assault on his step-daughter. The allegation really came from his partner who he had reported already for blackmail. We defended him in police interview and carefully drafted a prepared statement. In the end we convinced police to drop the case.

Case study

Our client was a family man taking the role of father to his partner's daughter. The relationship turned sour, and he reported his partner for blackmail for something completely unrelated. In apparent revenge from his partner, our client found himself facing allegations of sexual assault against his teenage step-daughter. He contacted our specialist sexual offences solicitors to reprsent him at the police station.

At the police station we carefully drafted a detailed prepared statement highlighting the timeline of events and putting forward his denial. We opened the police's eyes to what was really going on here.

After consistent and regular pressure on the police for several months, they finally decided to take No Further Action and dropped the investigation entirely. As a result our client can now move on and put this dreadful part of his life behind him.

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No further action - police dropped investigation
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