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Client charged with indecent images found Not Guilty

Not guilty verdict - client exonerated
15 August, 2018
Sexual Offences
Indecent Images

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Case study summary

Our client was a marketing manager with no previous convictions. He received indecent images without his consent. The police didn't believe him, and his original solicitors gave him no confidence. He found our specialist solicitors, we did believe him, and the jury agreed.

Case study

Our client was a gay man who had a stable relationship and had a good job in marketing. He admitted that he participated in sexual fantasy chats with other men. In the course of these fantasy chats, some indecent images were sent to him by other chat users which he immediately deleted.

When the police arrested our client he admitted his chat habit and that he had seen some indecent images. He told the police he had never searched for them. He also maintained that he had no interest in them. This did not deter the police, and they jumped on the chat logs as a way of showing our client was a serious sexual predator. He of course was not.

We met with the client, listened to what he had to say, and understood that he was in a vulnerable position. Our specialist sexual offences solicitors felt that the client was at a very real risk of being treated unfairly simply for being a gay man engaging in a perfectly legal activity.

He was understandably terrified of the prospect of going to prison, losing his career, and potentially a lifetime on the sex offenders register.

We worked tirelessly to prepare the case properly, spending hours with the client in order to understand who he really was. This priceless work allowed us to present to the jury a full picture of the person in the dock, not just the prosecution’s take. After a gruelling four day trial in the Crown Court, the jury unanimously agreed with our case and found him not guilty.

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